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"No. It was just a feeling."

I endeavor to get better about updating this. I really, really apologize for being so absent. I've been so focused on my RP characters and writing and making icons in my free time that I've neglected this journal. Humblest apologies.

In the meantime, you guys, I finally watched V for Vendetta for the first, last week? Shame of shames, yes, I had not seen it all this time, though I had very much wanted to. So Sarah and I bought the V for Vendetta graphic novel a few weeks ago when the John Adams miniseries was on on sale for hella cheap on And to get the free shipping, we needed something extra; Sarah & I had been saying we wanted the V for Vendetta graphic novel, so this was the perfect opportunity to get it. And we did. And I started reading it at work and desperately wanted to see the movie. Sarah finally found her copy, and we watched it. I loved it so much that we watched it the next night. And we've watched it two more times since then. All told, I've seen that movie four times in one and a half weeks, and have finished the graphic novel and OH LAWDY, I am obsessed. Mega, mega obsessed. So obviously I love V, and particularly love his beautiful use of language. I love Evey. But I also love the characters that other people probably don't recognize enough (or so I'm assuming, since most icons made and fics written are about V & Evey), namely Inspector Finch and Gordon Dietrich (hello, it's Stephen Fry, how can you not love him?). I have to say that I particularly love the portrayal of Finch in the film more than in the graphic novel, and prefer the film version. And when I say 'prefer' the film version, I mean that Inspector Finch is my favorite character. I think that whole domino scene really sealed it for me.

I'll probably be posting again later today because I've been making lots of icons recently and need to put them up in my icon journal, at long last.

How are you things with you, peeps? What's going on in your life?
Tags: film, inspector finch, this is a wonderful life, v for vendetta
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