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"Maybe this time I'll win."

I was going to do a picspam of Natasha Richardson as a final farewell, but I can't find it in me to do that, it just makes me too sad. I never followed her work religiously, but she was one of those actresses who was always on my periphery, as one to be aware of, one who was genuinely good at what she did. Not only that, she was just a classy, classy lady with a "luminous spirit" (to quote Dame Judi Dench). She will be greatly missed by me, and many fans the world over, and I know that is merely a whisper of the heartbreak and world-shattering grief her husband, sons, mother, sister, and other family members and friends must be experiencing right now.

As happens when all people pass away from this world: the sun has lost a little warmth, and a great star has dimmed in the sky.

I can summon up the motivation to link to this YouTube video, however. Thanks to soaked_in_stars for originally posting it. This is Natasha's performance of "Maybe This Time" in Cabaret. Have tissues handy. Be at peace, dear lady.

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