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Quick question: for those of you that enjoy chai tea, which way do you like it best? Hot or cold? If you like it cold, do you like it over ice, or do you like it in slush form?

Onto some pictures! Yesterday, Sarah pulled out a plush Manta Ray she'd gotten from the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. The plush Manta Ray's name? Monty! :D So anyway, we were playing with Sarah's Chihuahua, Bailey, and noticed that Bailey was being even more amusing than usual. So I documented the "Manta Ray attack" and subsequent defeat, in pictures. Enjoy!

The day begins to draw to a close, and the various members of the household slowly prepare for bedtime. Bailey is ready for bed as well, since she did not get enough sleep this particular day; being the guardian and protector of her people, however, she cannot go to sleep quite yet. She must be certain no dangers lurk in the shadows.

...and, wait? What's that sound?

Sneak attack!

Oh, fuck, it's a Manta Ray! It's in the house! Bailey must protect her people!

The tail is the most vulnerable spot, it cannot maneuver away if its tail is firmly lodged between sharp, vicious Chihuahua teeth, capable of shattering even the most crunchy bit of dog food.

It attempts to swim away, but Bailey still has its tail firmly lodged in her powerful jaws.

Bailey decides to up the ante, pouncing on the Manta Ray's body and searching out yet more vulnerable spots. In the process, she learns the Manta Ray is also ticklish. This provides her with even more of an advantage.

Tickle, tickle, crunch, thrash, tickle.


Monty the Manta Ray has been successfully subdued.

Sarah: "Oh, Bailey, you risked your life for us."
Kristin: "I was so terrified of the giant plush Manta Ray and you protected me, Bailey. I can't thank you enough."
Sarah: "How will we ever repay you?"
Bailey: "Continue worshiping me, pathetic mortals."

...tune in for our next installment. When Monty reappears, miraculously alive, will Bailey once again continue trying to kill it? Will they reach a truce? Is it possible, even, that friendship, or something more, could arise between Bailey and Monty? Stay tuned.

That dog is so freakin' cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. :D
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